It’s a drag

At the suggestion of Marley, EPACC is going to try something new and meet up midday downtown. You can bring your coffee stuff and your lunch.

The Russell Investments Center was originally built to be the Washington Mutual building. It was complete shortly before WaMu crumbled during the 2008 financial crisis. EPACC will convene at noon on Wednesday 6th December 2017 on the 17th floor patio of the Russell Investments Center. Leave your bike at street level. Here’s a map.

Imperiled morals

Cascade School, from which the neighborhood takes its name, was built in 1894 for the children of the many workers who lived in the area. Beginning with 200 students, it grew rapidly and by 1904 had over 900 students.

In 1938, the local business community petitioned the Seattle School Board to relocate Cascade School as the current site was “rapidly becoming a commercial and industrial district” and was “detrimental to the health and morals of the pupils.” Although the board denied the request and the crowded school population persisted for several more years, by 1947-48 the enrollment had significantly dwindled and the local residential population shifted. The school was permanently closed as a result of severe damage caused by the April 1949 earthquake. The old school building was used as a school district warehouse for a five years; it was then torn down for the construction of a modern warehouse constructed in 1955-56. The former school playfield became a public park.1

EPACC will convene for coffee in the former school playfield at 8am on Friday 15th September 2017. Here’s a map.

Seoul is about 50 minutes away by high speed train

Let’s meet on Friday 25th August 2017 at 9am for coffee at Daejeon Park, overlooking I-90 near the Pac Med building. The park is named after Daejeon, which is South Korea’s fifth-largest city. Daejeon hosted the International Mathematical Olympiads in 2000. Daejeon is one of Seattle’s sister citiesHere’s a map.

Salwt is pronounced like salat

The Seventh Elect Church in Israel was located at 7028 9th Ave NW in Ballard. The church required that members embrace a celibate and vegetarian lifestyle, and men were forbidden to cut their beards and hair¹. It is unclear whether they were permitted to drink coffee or ride bicycles. Let’s make coffee and toast in their honor at 9am on Friday 18th August 2017 at their former address. Here’s a map.

You awake…

You awake from a deep and dreamless sleep. Everything seems very… hazy. You can’t even remember the last time you attended a meeting of the En Plein Air Coffee Club. It’s as if you stopped getting the emails, but no, that can’t be. It must be all in your head.

EPACC will convene at 9am on Friday 4th August 2017 at a tiny parklet in lower Wallingford. Here’s a map.

Coffee on Trolley Hill

Meet me on Trolley Hill

En Plein Air Coffee Club will convene at 8am on Friday 19th May 2017 at Trolley Hill Park on the East slope of Queen Anne Hill. Here’s a map.

Trolley Hill Park was named after the trolley line that lead up Queen Anne Hill along 5th Ave N from 1890 to 1940.

Famous Beef 2


I mean KOBE Terrace Park. Sorry. Kobe is another of Seattle’s sister cities, along with Daejeon. Meet there at 8am on Friday 31st March for a percolatin’ good time. Looks like it will be dryish. Here’s a map.

We just don’t announce our breaks

EPACC will convene at 8am on Friday 17th February 2017 at Gasworks Park, in the picnic shelter where #coffeeoutsideforher often meets. That group is currently on winter break, but starting sometime March-ish will be meeting at 8:30a on Thursdays at Gasworks. Follow the very awesome Madi Carlson on Instagram to be kept up to date on the resumption of #forher coffee activities. Of course, people of all genders are always welcome and encouraged to attend EPACC. Here’s a map.






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I would say fair to middling

Fairview Park is a terrific waterfront location to have your outdoor ceremony. Vist the website for more info!

Despite dozens of people having been married there, Fairview Park gets only two likes on Facebook. En Plein Air Coffee Club will convene at 8am on Friday 27th January 2017 at Fairview Park (the lower part). Here’s a map.



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A Newspaper the People Read, Love, and Respect

Prentis Frazier was a prominent Seattle businessman and frequent contributor to Seattle’s weekly black-oriented newspaper The Northwest Enterprise.

Prentis Frazier was an active member of the Republican Party and a member and generous contributor to the First African Methodist Episcopal Church. He always lived in the Central Area, residing the last ten years of his life at 410 23rd Avenue E. When the gully behind his home was designated a mini-park, relatives and neighbors recommended it be named for him because of his contribution to the community as a philanthropist and business entrepreneur. In 1983, the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department changed the name of the 0.3 acre Harrison Street Mini Park to the Prentis Frazier Park.HistoryLink

EPACC will convene at 8am on Friday 20th January 2017 at Prentis I. Frazier park. Here’s a map.

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