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Sometimes strange things happen with property development. You acquire a piece of land with a certain plan for it, or for the airspace over it. When you’re done building something is left over. Los Angeles is currently trying to sell off some odds & ends, some offcut pieces of land that the city has decided it no longer wants. These include a narrow strip of sidewalk, the land under a funicular railway (but not the railway itself), and some bushes in someone’s yard.

Here in Seattle there were two unoccupied patches of land left on either side of the ship canal when the I-5 bridge was built in their airspace. The city, rather than leaving them vacant, dedicated them as North and South Passage Point Parks in 1977.

EPACC will convene at 8am on Friday 21st August 2015 at South Passage Point Park. Here’s a map.

Image derived from photo by Dennis Bratland, CC-BY-SA

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