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George F Cotterill (18th November 1865 – 13th October 1958) selected Seattle achievements:

  • surveyor
  • laid city’s first sewers
  • developed city’s main water supply from the Cedar River
  • filled tideflats to create SoDo
  • Washington State Senator
  • preserved shoreline for UW and city parks
  • drafted a women’s suffrage amendment to the state constitution, which passed 1910
  • helped write an early workman’s compensation law
  • Mayor of Seattle
  • chief engineer of state highways
  • port commissioner
  • laid 25 miles of bicycle trails, one of which later became E Interlaken Blvd where EPACC will meet at 8am on Friday 11th March 2016. Here’s a map. There isn’t really anywhere to sit so maybe bring a tarp?


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