Imperiled morals

Cascade School, from which the neighborhood takes its name, was built in 1894 for the children of the many workers who lived in the area. Beginning with 200 students, it grew rapidly and by 1904 had over 900 students.

In 1938, the local business community petitioned the Seattle School Board to relocate Cascade School as the current site was “rapidly becoming a commercial and industrial district” and was “detrimental to the health and morals of the pupils.” Although the board denied the request and the crowded school population persisted for several more years, by 1947-48 the enrollment had significantly dwindled and the local residential population shifted. The school was permanently closed as a result of severe damage caused by the April 1949 earthquake. The old school building was used as a school district warehouse for a five years; it was then torn down for the construction of a modern warehouse constructed in 1955-56. The former school playfield became a public park.1

EPACC will convene for coffee in the former school playfield at 8am on Friday 15th September 2017. Here’s a map.

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